Cute Belle Is A Wanker From Hell!

Fucked Up Handjobs

This playful babe is Tammy, and while she may hail from one of the backwoods towns down South, she’s no redneck when it comes to dealing with a man’s meatstick! Her frisky neighbor Sam discovers this the hard way when he comes on to Tammy a little too strong and even tries to cop a feel. In a flash, the gutsy belle has him in a headlock and soon she’s got him bound and gagged in her living room!

Because Tammy’s such a nice gal, she doesn’t really punish Sam. Instead, she teases him by performing a sultry striptease. Then she rips his clothes off to reveal his rock-hard erection, which promptly gets yanked on. Poor Sam can’t do anything but watch and moan as his naughty neighbor toys with his dick, and sometimes painfully at that. It’s only when he blows his load that the girl lets him go, naked and limping all the way house!

That’ll teach Sam to behave like a pig in Tammy’s company! See him and other uncouth dudes get punished at Fucked Up Handjobs.Com today!