Horny Girls Meet Mr. Squirtyface

Squirt Bukkake

Chris wants to prove to a bunch of chicks that he isn’t gay. How by asking them to squirt their juices in his face so he can drink them up? Actually it’s just a lame excuse for him to see how girls squirt, but who cares? Everyone ends up satisfied, no one more than Chris!

Watch these horny babes line up to stroke their wet kitties in front of Chris, only to shoot out their girl-cum in his face. He’s more than pleasantly surprised to find out that girls can actually squirt more liquid than guys do, and for a first-timer, he discovers that it also tastes great! Curious bastard gets so turned on he has to whack off after this wild squirting party. And so will you, after you watch the full video at Squirt Bukkake.Com!